Both paintings were made from stacks of photos accumulated as I stalked the motifs over several months. The photos were carried to Paris in 2011, where they provided models for paintings begun there, then carried home for completion.

Drawing can be a meditative pursuit: contact with the outside world transformed into lines on surface may produce a trance-like state. Alas, for me, painting has been more likely to produce a great need for frustration tolerance. However, I find this current “painted” relationship with my surroundings has had much the same effect as drawing can: it has created a deepening affection for the contemplated images. I am impressed how attached I have become to my ordinary surroundings as a result of the application of color to canvas.
In 2012, more Seattle paintings were begun in Paris and are being completed this summer. Watch this site for more such to come!

And out of what one sees and hears and out
Of what one feels, who could have thought to make
So many selves, so many sensuous worlds,
As if the air, the mid-day air, was swarming
With the metaphysical changes that occur,
Merely in living as and where we live.

Wallace Stevens, Esthetique du Mal


GeoffH says:

September 25, 2013 at 6:54 am

Walking neath the Perry trees
I trod a leaf that smudged
The sidewalk where a crack
Caught up my foot and tripped
A memory of trees gone by