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Sue Perry - Paintings


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With some lengthy side trips (New Delhi, Kottayam, Paris) Sue has lived in Seattle since 1989, longer than the other places (Bloomington IN, NYC, Ann Arbor MI, Binghamton NY, Saarbrucken & Kiel in Germany, Portland OR, Newton MA), longer even than her first 18 years in Auburn, IN.

Sue began to study drawing in junior high & continued to pick up classes along the way, including at the Academy of Realist Art (now Gage) in Seattle & began painting full time in 1990, after a year with canvas & paint in India which persuaded her she did not need to do social work, a profession she practiced (with the significant Indian gap in 1986-7) from 1970-89.

Sue lives with her husband John in Seattle’s Central District and when not painting, she is either baking birthday cakes for grandchildren or away on what (after a 9-month stay in 1999-2000) have become regular 2-month intervals in Paris. She would like to continue this habit until the crick rises.

Artist's Statement


So it was that Bringing Forth moved past an initial unreflecting impulse to preserve and remark toward a wider, more contrived, “conceptualist” work of art, yet still very much a commodity, a thing of paint and cloth, wood and staples, however it may be held together by imagination of assembly and contemplation.